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Mobile Repairs

Every emergency repair can be repaired within hours. We offer a round-the-clock service for our customers.
Please call: +3235441166


Box Repairs

Small boxdamages are repaired on site. No need to reposition the container or contact another subcontractor, all repairs can be offered in house.

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Our Mobile Fleet

Fully equiped vans are at our disposal to perform emergency repairs and pti's on terminal.

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Unit Repairs

For unit repairs we have a team of skilled refrigeration technicians at your service.

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Eucore is a 50/50 JV between NV MEGA and NV ICTC (Intercontinental Container Transport Coordination).  Both companies joined forces in 2006, to strengthen the full scale of services they offer to the industry:

- Mobile repair 24/7
- Depot Service
- Spare parts supply
- Warranty claims
- EDI reporting
- Dry freight container repair
- Second hand container sales